Abigail, A Woman with Brains and Beauty

Our President, Pastor Jeannette Cochran, writes about Abigail on her blog 'Lead Better Together' during National Women's History Month. 

"Abigail was God's woman for the job, and the Bible commends her actions as noble and God-honoring. Her example defies the tenets of patriarchy and narrowly defined gender roles giving us a model of servant leadership and demonstrating that, like men, God sometimes calls women to take charge, deliver truth, and protect their families from harm."

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Jeannette is a Pastor at Seneca Creek Community Church, an innovative, grace-filled, multi-ethnic church located in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. She currently serves as President of the CBE- Greater D.C.Chapter. Jeannette is passionate about seeing the Church reach her full redemptive potential by engaging the leadership gifts of men and women in full and equal partnership. Jeannette shares Christian egalitarian resources at www.leadbettertogether.com